Schemes of complex utilization and protection of water resources

During period of the Soviet Union, the Institute (former Sredazgiprovodkhlopok) made a particular and an important contribution in designing of interstate water use, including but not limited:

  • Schemes of Complex Utilization of Water and Land Resources of Syrdarya and Amudarya River basins and Aral Sea, Narin – Syrdarya Cascade etc., on the base of which water division is regulated between the republics of Aral Sea basin.
  • On the basis of the developed by the Institute Technical projects on Automation System of Control of Water Resources of the Syrdarya and Amudarya Rivers Basin Water Management Organizations (BVO) of Central Asia: BVO - Syrdarya and BVO - Amudarya were developed.
  • Technical-Economic Justification of construction main collectors for the Diversion of Drainage Sewage Waterin Amudarya basin;
  • Technical-Economic Justification of Construction of Water Ponds in Muynak Town in the Republic of Karakalpakistan.

Scheme of Complex Utilization and Protection of Water and Lands Resources of Aral Sea Basin

The Scheme of integrated utilization and protection of water and lands resources of Aral Sea basin was developed on the basis of TOR of Ministry of Agriculture of USSR and Ministry of Melioration and Water Economy of USSR submitted to Sredazgiprovodkhlopok institute on August 12, 1969, in accordance with Instructions of Presidium of Council of Ministers of USSR # 35 dated October 6, 1965 “About measures on maintenance of commercial fishing importance of Aral Sea”. The main objective and tasks:

  • Updating of land resources suitable for irrigation;
  • Establishment of priorities for main water projects implementation, including water importation of Siberian Rivers and Aral Sea basin water resources rearrangement;
  • Development of measures on improvement of fishery of Aral Sea;
  • Determination of main volumes of work and required investments;
  • Revelation of Aral Sea importance in actual natural conditions forming;
  • Prognosis evaluation of water resources and development of different water retaining sectors of the national economy for solving problems of optimization on regulated runoff distribution allocation and utilization;
  • Definition of economically optimal regime of limited water resources consumption at each phase of the systems development.

Scheme of Complex Use and Management of Water Resources in Amudarya (1984) and Scheme of Complex Use and Management of Water Resources in Syrdarya (1983) Rivers basins

Main purposes of these Schemes were:

  • Updating of volume of Amudarya and Syrdarya Rivers basins water resources and their actual utilization by sectors of the national economy and also for future period up to level of exhaustion of own water resources;
  • Action plan for main water economy and water protective measures with cost estimation of these works;
  • Actual and prospective water resources balances of Amudarya River basin with taking into account of measures on increasing of actual water resources;
  • Water demands limits in accordance with republics, regions and manufacturing sectors for Amudarya River basin at the level of local water resources exhausting.