OOO «UZGIP» Institute (former «Uzgipromeliovodkhoz», «Sredazgiprovodkhlopok» institutes) is the oldest design, survey and research organization of the Republic of Uzbekistan and in the Central Asian region on irrigation, drainage and water supply systems construction and improvement of the irrigated lands. The Institute was founded in 1929.

The Institute is the main designer of Technical Projects and Feasibility Study of reclamation, irrigation and rehabilitation of irrigated lands in Golodnaya, Djizak, Karshi and Sherabad steppes, Ferghana valley and in the Republic of Karakalpakistan with the total area more than 2 mln.ha. Also, UZGIP specialists developed systems of water supply of many rural settlements and large industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan.

The accumulated engineering expertise and know-how have enhanced successful and effective solution of practical and theoretical important issues, applied science and designing practice and construction of irrigation systems. On the basis of these works, approaches and methods of the integrated management of the salt affected soils were formulated and implemented for amelioration of the irrigated lands in the Central Asian Republics.

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